What Must One Do To Be Saved?

  This post presents the following questions What does it mean to be saved or born again?   I don’t understand!!!…

Historical Proof – What would the world be like if Christ was never born?

One of the greatest secrets that had been hidden from society is how Christ affected the cultural gateways in which we live. We must get this information out to the younger generation so they can realize the value of how God has looked over mankind because of His love for us. God provides the inspiration and it always has taken individuals to rise up to bring a better quality of life to those around us.

Mathematical Proof That the Bible is True

One of the most remarkable occurrences in our time is God’s preparation of one individual to produce a positive evidence that would completely undermine all Biblical criticism and bring atheism toppling to the ground were ever honest, thinking men will face the facts.

More startling still is the fact that this individual was a converted Russian nihilist, a Harvard scholar and a mathematician. At the very time when organized atheism was laying it’s plan to get control of Russia and make use of its vast resources to sow the seeds of atheism in every nation of the earth God was preparing His Russian – Ivan Panin – to bring for scientific evidence of the verbal and plenary inspiration of the holy Scriptures in the original languages.

Scientific Proof

Read about…The book of Job 38:19 asks, “Where is the way where light dwells?” Modern man has only recently discovered that light (electromagnetic radiation) has a “way” in empty space this speed is approximately 186,000 miles per second. and more that will rock your world.

Foreign Students – Hey there!

We desire to welcome all foreign students to our campuses in America. I hope you would find some of the topics of interest to you. Every individual no matter where they were born have what we call the same felt needs, challenges in life, engage in a search for truth, and want to make the most of their individual life. There is a desire and everyone to feel the universal language…LOVE!