What is the purpose of engaging university campuses in Michigan?

Free speech is being threatened on our University campuses. Biblical worldview and conservative voices are being silenced. Many have said a socialist flag has been planted on these campuses where freedoms are eroding. This generation is the next major voting bloc. Our children and grandchildren are at stake in this process. Do you desire to keep a free America?

What is the purpose of these forums on campuses?

The purpose is to engage our Millennial’s on issues that are considered hot topics today. The conservative voice is being silenced and we need to create a discussion format so both sides of any issue can be presented. We also hope to influence our youth in high schools and middle schools. We must inform and educate people regarding the issues of the day and how they can impact their own sphere of influence. Free speech is at stake and a biblical worldview must be promoted.

What topics will be covered?

Barna research has shown that 4% of Americans have a biblical worldview. Another alarming number is that only 9% of confessing Christians have a biblical worldview as well. The majority of people who see that abortion is wrong; traditional marriage should be the standard; radical Islam is a threat to our society; freedom of speech is being threatened; see that our young people are being indoctrinated with socialist and progressive principles; see chaos increasing in society…do not know how to address these issues properly so they stay silent. These topics must be properly addressed.

What is needed in each community that surrounds a college?

Remnants have always shifted history. How can 2.5% of the population in America overturn moral standards regarding homosexuality, gay marriage, and the transgender issue?

We need to identify a few churches who have conviction on the issues above and are willing to stand. Christian campus groups must be identified as well to come together as one who are willing to contend for truth no matter the cost.

What are the challenges we face in each campus region?

The main challenge is the quieting and muzzling of a conservative Christian worldview. Loud voices on the liberal progressive side which highly dominates the thinking of college professors and administration can be another. Threats can come in a direct or a subtle fashion which is a fear tactic and intimidation to silence the voices of truth. Identifying churches that surround a campus, pastors, and Christian campus groups who are willing to make a stand is a necessity. Finances could be a challenge but if the need is presented properly it should not be a factor.

NOTE: We also have a team of highly specialized qualified attorneys who will give us any legal assistance if needed in any type of situation that could arise.

Who can participate and be part?

As we schedule an event forum on a particular University campus it will be designed to be a COMMUNITY event. University students are a primary target but inviting the public at large as well as our young people in the surrounding communities will be a high priority.

What does a Campus Reset university forum evening look like?

Most likely the event will be held during the week when classes are in session. We will always have a panel of three highly qualified speakers who can address all the issues that will be promoted and advertised. Each speaker will give a 10-15 minute overview of their perspective. Then there will be an open question and answer format where people who attend can ask anything they desire. We find the dialogue that is created in such discussions can be very beneficial. We plan to video the event and put it on all social media sites.

Will there be disruptions?

If you have been studying the news you have to realize this is very possible. This is no reason for the conservative voice to be silenced. We will do all that is possible to make sure everything is done decently and in order. Our speakers are not there to make verbal attacks but to address questions in a logical and reasonable manner.

NOTE: The truth will not be compromised but will be spoken in honor, respect, and love!

Why are we building a financial war chest…what for?

We are beginning the process to build a war chest of finances to cover honorariums for the speakers, traveling expenses, as well as promotional materials for each of event on the University campus. There will be times when you’ll have to rent an auditorium or a facility while on some campuses facility usage is no charge. Every college campus is unique and will be addressed on a separate basis. The finances raised will not be utilized to pay any salaries.

NOTE: If anyone in our state is putting together a similar effort we supported and will get behind it. This must be a co-laboring effort honoring the unity in our diversity.

Shouldn’t the churches surrounding a campus financially support this initiative?

We certainly hope so! A number of churches and certainly Christian campus groups may be financially pressed. We feel through the process of making appeals across our state where we can sow finances into the importance of this outreach will be left behind. There are many small and large donors who will see the importance and relevance of what we are trying to accomplish and they will readily abundantly support this effort. Each campus will have a financial goal that will be needed to meet. We feel most campuses will have a budget between $2500-$5000. Some would be less and some could be more depending on a number of factors. One donor could sponsor one campus of their choice!

POINT TO PONDER: How important is this generation? What can be done to influence our young people towards a biblical/conservative worldview? How can I be part? This generation is our next voting bloc.

What about Christian campus groups? 

In our experiences we find that many Christian campus groups lack funding. If we can provide any assistance it takes away one obstacle and makes it easier for them to get on board.

What campuses in the state of MI will be targeted?

Every public university is a target. It is all a process and we will take one at a time. Private universities should not be neglected as well. Each has a protocol that we must follow. We understand the rule of law…but will not shrink back if there is opposition.

What kind of follow up will there be?

It has been suggested that a follow-up program that could be put online that would be developed to adequately cover the topics in these forums across our state. We believe this is a necessity and in time will manifest.

Who are the speakers that will make up the forum panels?

We have a large qualified speaker pool and because of their busy schedules we will always have three who will be present at any “Campus Reset” university forum. Each have impeccable resumes!


Professor William Wagner – Salt and Light Global

Dave Agema – Former State Representative

Ellis Smith – Pastor/Ministry Leader – Detroit

Dr. Frank Turek – Crossexamined.org

Jonathan T. Thomas – http://www.jonathantremaine.com/bio

James Muffett – Citizens for Traditional Values

Dave Kallman – Salt and Light Global

NOTE: Others are being contacted to form a University Reset Forum team!


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