Divorce, Adultery and Unfaithfulness

This breach of loyalty and trust in a relationship is very hurtful and creates a wounding of the heart. There is much more than a physical dynamic but more importantly a spiritual one that is impacted. Movies and television have cheapened marriage and has made adultery, infidelity, or unfaithfulness almost normal in life. The conscience of many had been seared in this area and people have lost the meaning of covenant in a relationship.

There are so many temptations were men and women have fallen to them. Many times children are casualties where there is a marriage.

How many times have we seen a couple who is intending on getting married find that their partner has cheated on them? How many times have we seen a business partner betray another individual in a business relationship? We must question where is the loyalty in society today?

The wounding and hurt can be so immense where the victim becomes very bitter and causes a lack of trust in future relationships. Many times they get drowned in their thought life regarding that betrayal of that relationship. Thoughts can come back and haunt people many years down the road. Unforgiveness and even revenge at times will be a choice that the victim makes.

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But is there hope? Listen to the testimonies of people who have endured infidelity or betrayal in relationship.

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