Education and History Revision

Education and History Revision…

Why is studying history important?

Has American History been revised?

Does the educational process affect my future?

What if the educational process has been twisted and turned to bring forth an agenda to change society? This is not new as it has happened in the past. You have heard of the nasty regime under Adolf Hitler. He had said, “Give me the minds of one generation of youth and I will change the government of the next”. Could this happen in America? It is happening before your very eyes and I hope a case can be presented to you that you could ponder. A process that history revision that began in the 1960’s is now bearing evil consequences.

The question is what will you do about it? If we do not study history we are doomed to repeat it! If one is told that 1 + 1 + 3 long enough people will begin to believe it.

POINT TO PONDER: In the late 60s and early 70s college students were told that we were ultimately going into an Ice Age that would radically change man’s lifestyle and threaten his existence. Well it never happened! We came to find out that weather cycles are cyclical. So is it possible through years of the educational process we had bought another lie called global warming? To cover the tracks of these so-called enlightened modern day scientist they changed the name now to…”Climate Change”. How convenient! This section of Campus Reset was not designed to discuss this particular issue. It was to make a point.

Again, if we do not study history we are doomed to repeat it. College students for many years have undergone a “brain drain” or foundations of America have been destroyed.

The greatest threat to America is that we have not passed on the fundamentals of our foundation, our constitution, American patriotism, and especially our Judeo-Christian values to this generation. Examine how this has opened the door to capture the minds of a generation, and how it threatens our very existence.

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Frequently Asked Questions – American Foundations

Stinking Thinking

The Threat of Common Core Education

Unify to Stop Common Core – Video

Dangers of the Common Core Curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions – American Foundations

Why is it important for American citizens to learn and understand the fundamentals of our historical foundations, principles, and the Judeo-Christian truths that guided our founding and our Constitution?

America, unlike other nations, was founded on ideas, principles and values such as God-given liberty, freedom, individual rights, personal responsibility, and unity. A nation built on ideas and principles cannot maintain its national identity nor survive if those principles are not taught, learned and reinforced.

America’s Godly Heritage – Something to Consider


This is a link to an excellent document on our nations ideas, principles and values. Click below

Why is it crucial for each of us to study and ponder the heritage of liberty?

According to Thomas Jefferson, it is critical for Americans to ponder liberty, to study it, understand it, and know what it takes to preserve it. Liberty is a most precious yet fragile gift, and can easily be lost.

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Is school-based civic education fulfilling its obligation to provide young Americans with adequate political, foundational and civic knowledge? Are they teaching our Founders principles of morality, virtue, religion, personal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets, and limited government? If not, what can we do about it?

No, in fact most history and social studies textbooks used in elementary and secondary schools are a disgrace. In the name of political correctness and multiculturalism, their authors deliberately provide an inaccurate, dishonest account of American history.

American citizens must demand that schools and their civic educators renew their civic commitment to teach the truth about America’s history and foundations, and instruct students in basic American values and patriotism.

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Are Americans being deliberately stripped of their moral, religious, historical and Constitutional heritage? If so, why? Is American history being re-written falsely in student textbooks? By whom?

The Founder’s great experiment is at risk of dissolution by liberal progressive ideologues intent upon shaping a citizenry ignorant of its real history, and indoctrinating them to hate its country and Founders. Liberal progressives are responsible for rewriting American history. The mission is to indoctrinate an ignorant electorate in Marxist ideology and lead them to surrender their liberty.

Why do liberal progressives or socialists fear well-informed students?

Well-informed students become a well-informed electorate. Enemies of free government understand this. Americans who know the truth about our nation’s past are well-armed to ask some inconvenient questions of liberal politicians who are trying to take our country in the wrong direction.

Separation of Powers

What are the dangers posed by an American citizenry that is increasingly ignorant of and apathetic toward our nation’s foundations, values, principles, Constitution, politics, and the heritage of our liberty?

We will lose our national identity, which makes it much easier to lead the nation in the wrong direction. We will be uninterested and unable to fully participate in our democracy. Ignorance and apathy with respect to our history, our heritage, and our democracy will surely result in the loss of our freedom, our liberty, and our nation if it is not reversed.

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If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Thomas Jefferson

Why is loss of community one of the most dangerous consequences of losing our national identity?

A community is a gathering of people around shared values, common ideals, ambitions and commitment to one another. A society that has lost its identity has no point of reference beyond itself. It quickly loses a commitment to community and views its way of life as a mere contractual arrangement which is not worth fighting for. Constitutions work only as they reflect an actual sense of community.

Stinking Thinking 

This topical title is very true. Take this journey with me to see how our mind’s operate. We must realize our thought life will have a great impact on our emotional and physical health. Any negative experience that you have encountered in the past can amazingly creep into our minds at any time. It can be sexual or some type of physical abuse when you were younger. It could have been some breach of trust and loyalty by a friend, business partner, or by a husband or wife.

Point to Ponder:  Whatever you think on with your mind will result in a belief system within your heart.  Whatever you believe in your heart you will confess or speak with your mouth.  Your actions (body) will soon follow as you live out what is in your heart.  Your nature and character will be formed and your destiny determined. You can be set free!

We must carefully examine why one gets thrust into the throes of depression and develops suicidal tendencies. Even having an abortion, any type of abuse, or act of infidelity can bring upon a man/woman many emotional consequences.

LETS BEGIN……………………….

ThoughtA thought is a collection of ideas on which the mind dwells.  It is where the mind is directed to a subject or objects and stretches to it to form conceptions.

Imagination:  The power or faculty of the mind by which it conceives and forms ideas of things communicated to it by our five senses.  It is to form ideas and representations in the mind by our will working on the materials of memory.  It selects parts of different conceptions or objects from memory to form a whole more pleasing than has ever been presented in the ordinary course of nature.  This same mind can also take the whole idea formed and make it terrible or awful as well.

Your thoughts lead to your imagination, and this is the key to changing your reality!  What you imagine today you will receive tomorrow because you ae consumed by varying thoughts. The environment you are in will be drawn to the reality that is formed in your mind.  You have to shift your imagination into  something that is stable…which we believe is God’s Word!

Your thoughts feed your imagination, which paints a picture (good or bad) in your mind of the manifestation and reality you are looking for.  Evil or negative imaginations became a reality.  The capacity is within us to think about good things and imagine life from God’s perspective.

The Power of Emotions

Whatever your thought life dwells on will ultimately manifest a set of emotions. Have you ever thought about a death of a loved one? Many times it will bring back memories and maybe even tears. Have you ever dwelled on an individual who offended you? The emotion of anger or even hatred may rise up in you. If you think on bad things negative emotions will result. If you think on good things positive emotions will result.

Your thought life will directly lead to how you feel. Emotions are a powerful force. Think of a semi-truck with a large load in the trailer. The cab and steering wheel is your mind and your free will. Have you ever seen a semi-truck jackknife? The load in the trailer is what can take the cab into the ditch. This is an example of the impact emotions can have upon one’s decisions.

Are choices influenced by our emotions?

Why do advertisers attempt to capture our attention and emotional state? It is to sell more of their product? It is commonly known that after someone dies families will spend more on a funeral when they are mourning as opposed to planning years ahead.

So whatever you think on affects your emotional state and ultimately what influences the choices that you make. Repeated choices result in habits which then in turn develops our nature and character. Your destiny will then be determined whether:  life or death – happiness or sorrow – hope or depression.


Which classroom is BEST?

  Kids in school unhappy kids in schoolIs our present education system failing our children?

Our children and our nation are at risk due to the failure of the education system.  Common Core, lack of moral principles and redefining America’s founding being taught in schools today will be the undoing of American exceptionalism.

What is Common Core and should it be eradicated?  

Common Core has been implemented in 42 states across the country and the uproar just keeps getting louder and louder.  Where did these standards come from and how did we get here?

Can every child learn?

From 1958’s National Defense Education Act (NDEA) to 2015’s Every Student Succeeds Act, the Federal government has increased intervention in an attempt to improve student achievement, yet more than a third of our children cannot read or do math!  The statistics are even worse for poor, minority students.  Are our children incapable of learning or has the system failed them?

Is Big Education Data stealing our children’s privacy? 

Data about our children is being collected from birth through entry into the workforce.  Why is this happening, why is it a problem and how can we stop it?

Is Big money a danger to real education?  

An aggregate look at spending from Federal to local, shows skyrocketing investment in education.  Where is all this money going?  Is it really helping children?
Melanie Kurdy

“I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if the whole issue of the struggle depended on me alone” Martin Treptow – An American Soldier

Unify to Stop Common Core

STOP FED ED is a campaign led by parents, taxpayers and educators committed to ending the US Department of Education and all federal education mandates.


This hour long presentation explores the government mandated Common Core standards being implemented in public schools, private schools and homeschool curriculum. Dr. Pesta and Mrs. Black offer an in-depth look at Common Core, its long-term impact, and why American’s should be concerned about these standards.

On March 27, 2015 Dr. Duke Pesta spoke on the dangers of Common Core. No doubt one of the most outspoken critic of the Common Core States Standards, Dr. Pesta exposes the origins and dangers of the Common Core scheme. Through his and other’s efforts, people are beginning to fight back on behalf of their children. From this video, you will learn why our local school districts are so secretive, all about the government’s overreach, its concealment and outright lies that drive Common Core.

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