Engaging Politically


Engaging Politically…

Do I have a responsibility to vote?

What is a standard to utilize?

Do I value my personal freedom?

How do I assess the election of 2016?


We must take the privilege to vote seriously. The videos below will present perspectives as well as the history of the voting process. So many do not realize that the future of a nation can be directed by the voting process.



What is a standard to utilize?

When one votes with a Biblical worldview they are allowing God to orchestrate one’s life and set a course for a nation. We must believe that God’s Word is true and provides the principles by which to select, endorse and vote for the right candidate. Putting “God first” shifts people’s voting power towards God’s original intent of governing a nation. Moral issues are critically important but issues regarding our borders; economy; racial issues; civil righteousness; good governance; maintaining religious liberty; personal freedoms are important as well.

The corporate American mission is to RESTORE TO THE LIFE OF AMERICA and the Christian values upon which it was founded.

In order to accomplish this, we must begin by electing Political Leadership that shares a Biblical worldview paradigm. We believe it is the obligation of every Christian to inform themselves as to the meaning of Voting Biblically, to vote accordingly, and to COMMUNICATE this word to others.

What does it mean to Vote Biblically?

Ret. Lt General Jerry Boykin – Founding member of US Delta Force; former Commander of Green Berets; VP of Family Research Council; Commander in Black hawk Down.


Franklin Graham: Decision America 2016


When one Votes Biblically they are allowing God to orchestrate their life. We must believe that God’s Word is true and provides the principles by which to select, endorse and vote for the right candidate. Putting “God First” shifts people’s voting power towards God’s original intent of governing a nation.

What does the bible say about voting for a candidate? 

Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear Godmen of truthhating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. Exodus 18:21

What was the Christian Vote in the 2012 Presidential Election?

In the 2012 Presidential Election 58 million born again evangelical Christians were eligible to vote. Only 30 million voted. That left 28 million who did not vote (Includes non-registered voters).

What percentage of U.S. adults identify themselves as Christian?

U.S. Adult population is up to 245 Million; 70.6% identify themselves as Christians. (Pew Center May 12, 2015.

What percentage of U.S. adults who identify themselves as Christians Voted?

Only 50% which is an indication of the shirking of our Christian responsibility.

What would the results be if non-voting Christians voted?

We could change the direction of our country – “When a vote is cast to reflect God’s moral principles, you’re not merely taking advantage of your rights, but you’re performing a duty essential in preserving, or in some cases, repairing the moral fabric of our nation.”(Providenceforum.org)

Can one vote make a difference?

Yes. On election night in1997, South Dakota Democrat John McIntyre held razor-thin lead of voters Republican Hal Wick for the second seat in Legislative District 12. A recount, however, found that Wick had won 4,192 to 4, 191. The state Supreme Court then ruled that one ballot counted for Wick was invalid, due to and over-vote, leaving the race at a tie. Wick was eventually won out after the state legislature voted to seat him, 46 to 20. (By April Girouard Published November 02, 2010 FoxNews.com)

How can we change the direction of our country?

It is stated in 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

 Do I value my personal freedom?  Is freedom of religion foundational to all of our personal rights and liberties?

Freedom of religion is the foundation of our rights in a free and virtuous society. When a nation turns its back on its God given laws nothing is secure!

What role does Religious Liberty play with “our rights”?

How would you like it if your government imposed religious restrictions in your nation?  Over the course of history, Governments have imposed laws that have violated the religious conscience of some of its citizens.

One such case is Thomas More of England who defied King Henry the Eight’s “Oath of Supremacy.” Henry’s oath required allegiance to the Church of England instead of the Pope. More, being a Catholic, refused to take the oath, was tried and found guilty of treason, resulting in his death.

Another example is Hitler’s “Aryan Clause”, which removed Jews involved in civil service from their posts.  Since the state supported the church, Christian Ministers who had Jewish family heritage found themselves being removed from their churches.

Many people chose to go to the new world so they could worship according to their conscience.  Some of the states in our nation had their founding by members of a religion who would suffer the hardship of resettling, rather than continue to live under the dictates of a hostile government.

The founders of the United States did not want to follow suit with what they had experienced in their former homeland.  Separation of church and state did not mean a removal of the influence of religion, nor the exclusion of religion in the public square, but established a ban of a national state run church.  Jefferson’s letter to the Baptist church in Connecticut is a clear-cut affirmation of the First Amendment.  Today the letter is taken out if its original context, and used to imply The United States is a secular nation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Freedom of Religion protects your right to worship according to your conscience.  It puts all expressions of religion into the public square, where one is free to express his beliefs without fear of government restriction or reprisal.

Today many are using the term freedom of “worship” rather than “religion”.  The difference implies one can worship as long as it is in the four walls of a church.  This is far from what the First Amendment is about.  Freedom of Religion allows one to follow his religious conscience.  The examples of Thomas More and Dietrich Bonhoeffer were driven by a deep religious conscience which permeated their lives and guided their convictions, to the point they were willing to die for what they believed.  It is freedom of religion and moral conscience that motivates a Christian baker to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, even if it means losing their business.

The founders knew that the Constitution requires a moral people. They articulated their beliefs in the “Christian Religion,” while expressing tolerance for others.  Freedom of Religion is the right to practice your religion with tolerance and respect. Religion provides moral understanding, which is essential to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic.     Austen Kreutz – Pastor

How do I assess the election of 2016?

There are 2 candidates that have any possibility of winning! The future destiny of our nation is at stake. We will be a nation that will choose bondage or choose a path of freedom. We must be fair and carefully assess each candidate’s positions as it will determine our future. Our nation is at a present tipping point. We are a nation in crisis and many of the younger generation has been “dumbed down” or are apathetic. They have been consumed by a fast paced technological world that gives an appearance of information. The reality is that a biased media has used this to produce a generation of “low information” voters.

The majority of professors on our universities are liberal/progressive/socialist who have fed the minds a mantra that are bringing them into an Orwellian world.

NOTE: Read the book by George Orwell – “Animal Farm”. You will look into a mirror and see what we are becoming.




Border Security

Support Border Agents/Police


Law and Order


Radical Islam

Supreme Court Nominations

2nd Amendment Rights

Control of the Internet

Inner Cities (Jobs and Rebirth)

Socialism/Globalism vs Freedom

Fair Trade/Make New Deals

Strengthening our Military

National Debt/20 Trillion +




IMPORTANT: Your future is hanging in the balance by your choice!

NOTE: Google the recent speeches of each candidate to see how they stand on these issues. If you are honest you must highly take into consideration the improprieties; illegal activities; law breaking; special treatment by current Justice Department; Benghazi (watch movie “13 Hours”); E Mail scandal that is continually unfolding; Wiki Leaks….regarding Hillary Clinton. Be honest!

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