Facing Life’s Challenges

Sexually or physically abused?

Depressed or suicidal?

Aborted a baby?

Victim of adultery/unfaithfulness?

What would it be like if you could read people’s minds as people pass by? You would most likely see that you are not alone in the struggles you may be facing. How many of us have been faced with life’s challenges? Even this day you might face some impact moment that could change the course and direction of your life.

People can walk around with an outward persona where we may think life is going well for that person. How many times have you seen some celebrity or entertainer take their life and you wonder why or how could have that happened? You may be that person at this very moment who is experiencing a deep inward struggle where you can smile on the outside but are suffering on the inside.


Almost everyone at one time or another experiences a period of sadness. Most people get over it with a little time. But for some people, the sadness continues.

If you are caught in a prolonged period of sadness, you may recognize one or more of the signs that often accompany depression: a growing distrust of God, resentment of others, difficulty making decisions, guilt, inactivity, sleeplessness or oversleeping, not eating or overeating, doubting, complaining, worrying, and hopelessness, as though you’re in an inescapable pit.

Thankfully, as desperate as everything may look, there are real reasons for hope. God loves you. And He wants to fill you with joy, peace, fulfillment and so much more.

In this section we want to cover a number of topics that many people young and old are dealing with in increasing proportions. Let’s talk about that issue or struggle…but also give solutions for a way out of those chains of mental bondage.

Let’s draw on faith, hope, and love realizing that truth can set us free!



Is Your Thinking Stinking?

Sexual and Physical Abuse

Depression and Suicidal Tendencies

Aborted a baby?

Divorce, Adultery and Unfaithfulness


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