False Religions and Belief Systems!

Comparing Religions and Belief Systems with Christianity

There are many religions; belief systems; and philosophies that exist in the world today.  This certainly can be confusing, as there are many voices calling out to you claiming they have truth.  Who is right?  Who and what should I believe?

What if it’s true that Jesus is the only way?  Wouldn’t it be wise and logical to investigate the matter further?  What if there is a literal Heaven or Hell?  Listed are the various comparisons to Biblical Christianity.  Included below are the various religions; cults; philosophies; and belief systems that exist in the world today.  Take a comparative look and see for yourself.  What is the Truth?  Whatever you decide will determine your eternal destiny – this is how important it is for one to investigate this topic!

NOTE: Truth + Error always = Error. False religions can have great allurement as many individuals see some truths and this is what draws them into the deception. What if somebody was to drop a bit of poison in your coffee every day? It was not enough to kill you but eventually over time after consuming many cops you end up being poisoned. There was nothing wrong with the coffee but the increasing dosages of poison is what destroyed you. Jesus said he was the way, the truth, and the life. There was no other way unto God except through Him.

  INDEX OF TOPICAL CONTENT  (Click on any Area of Interest)

Cult Characteristics – (see below)

Biblical Christianity – Basic Teachings!

Biblical Christianity vs. Islam…Peaceful/Jihad

Biblical Christianity vs Mormonism

Biblical Christianity vs Scientology

Biblical Christianity vs Jehovah’s Witnesses

Biblical Christianity vs Buddhism

Biblical Christianity vs Christian Science

Biblical Christianity vs Hinduism

Biblical Christianity vs Unity

Biblical Christianity vs Bahai

Biblical Christianity vs New Age

Biblical Christianity vs Hare Krishna

Cult Characteristics

(If a religious group has one or more of these characteristics, it may be a cult.  Please obtain counsel before attending any strange religious group.)

  1. A leader who claims to be divine.
  2. Rejection of all other churches.
  3. Control over members activities and friendships.
  4. A special diet.
  5. Chance using religious phrases or words.
  6. Sleep deprivation.
  7. No privacy.
  8. Overpowering demonstrations on love.
  9. Control over finances, financial resources, or financial decisions.
  10. Leadership that does not tolerate honest questions.

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