Foreign Students – Hey there!

We desire to welcome all foreign students to our campuses in America. I hope you would find some of the topics of interest to you. Every individual no matter where they were born have what we call the same felt needs, challenges in life, engage in a search for truth, and want to make the most of their individual life. There is a desire and everyone to feel the universal language…LOVE!

We all have a birth date and at some time there will be a date where we die. It is what we do between those two dates where we are given an opportunity to impact people in a sphere of influence that had been given to us. No matter where you were born you are pursuing an education in order to better yourself. You must ask, is my future secure? What do the days, weeks, months, and years ahead have in store for me? Wouldn’t it be nice to see into the future or have knowledge of how many heartbeats or breathes you have left in your physical body? Maybe not!

You have come from your country with a particular worldview because where you were born and how you were raised. America certainly holds many cultural differences doesn’t it? I am sure there are times you might have said how can people live this way? It might be the food we eat, our customs, the way we dress, or the way we think. We are all still people who are made up of a body, soul, and spirit. Is there a right way to live or is there a wrong way to follow? Are there standards that society should uphold?

What happens after you die? Have you ever given that some deep sincere thought? Maybe you’re an atheist, or an agnostic, or you hold true to a religion that you were born into. This website is designed to challenge your thinking! As some would say…eternity is a long time and it hangs in the balance! 


We all need to experience LOVE!

We all face challenges in life!

Is my personal religion/belief system right or wrong?

It’s impossible to be an atheist!

Is the Bible true and authentic?

Does a supernatural realm exist?

Muslim Supernatural Encounters.

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