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Our Team/Mission
This question is being asked quite often. What is our mission and purpose regarding the distribution of the brochure you received and the website that has been built. As your campus is visited we do honor the Christian campus ministries that exist. We are not there to promote any one of them particularly but to promote what we believe is the ultimate answer to life’s questions..
Campus Reset was founded by the director of Transformation Michigan and State Co-coordinator of the Oak Initiative – Rick Warzywak (www.TransformMI.comwww.theoakinitiative.org). He has been working on University campuses for the last 22 years in the state of Michigan. Rick understands the liberal and progressive damage that has been done over the years to our younger generations. So we provided 15 topical areas that may be considered by some as controversial because how the content was stated. This was by design to provoke discussion.
On this website many contributors have given permission to post their information. We have personal relationship with many as a number are national figures who have great credibility. There is a supportive administrative staff that functions and operates as well.
Universities should be great venues for discussion and dialogue regarding issues that will impact millennial’s for years to come. We are in a technological age where much surface knowledge information is given with NO DEPTH. This website is designed to challenge any student who has any concern about their own future as well as where our nation is headed. Our nation is headed into a perfect storm…but there is hope!
*The ultimate purpose is to lead people to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as He is the only way.
*To help nurture and develop a Biblical worldview paradigm in students regarding relevant issues of the day.
*To provoke discussion regarding relevant issues of the day.
*To challenge atheists and agnostics as eternity hangs in the balance.
*To help Christian students defend their faith by proving the Bible is true!
*To give help to those who have been wounded in life and inwardly suffering.
*To provide a better understanding of the most important human felt need…LOVE!
*To create a form of discussion that will be much developed as a process unfolds with the staff of “Campus Reset”.
*To create opportunities to be invited into the classrooms of professors, dorm discussions and student Bible studies.
*To give hope and encouragement to students where many see an uncertain and insecure future.
Rick Warzywak – Campus Reset