Homosexuality and a Biblical Worldview – Q/A

If the family structure in America and our culture is to be preserved, we must look through the lenses of a Biblical worldview paradigm regarding homosexuality. If this is to be denied by anyone, it is an attack on our religious freedom in America which is in the Bill of Rights. The Christian church, pastors, ministry leaders, and individuals who claim to be Christians must make a stand on this issue and get answers to basic questions regarding homosexuality.

Defending Traditional Marriage Q/A – Common Questions

Most legal experts who specialize in the area of religious freedom see the legal redefinition of marriage and family as the single greatest threat to religious freedom. As we look across the nation, it is hard to argue with their conclusion.


Eternity is a long time! What if it could be possibly true that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is more than a prophet but God and Savior? If your Islamic faith is so strong these video links should not shake you or make you doubt. But, you have to ask if these witnesses in the testimony they gave is true – you only owe it to yourself to investigate this matter with great sincerity? It is up to you as eternity hangs in the balance! What will you give in exchange for your soul?

Biblical Worldview

What is a Biblical Worldview? Why is a worldview important? What forms a personal worldview? WHAT IS A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW?…

Threat of Radical Islam

Political correctness, ignorance, subversive activity…has allowed Islam to take a foothold in all levels of American society. In other words “Westerners” especially our American University students have been purposely dumbed down to the dangers presently facing our nation…even by many in governmental leadership in many states and our nation.

Engaging Politically

  Engaging Politically… Do I have a responsibility to vote? What is a standard to utilize? Do I value my…