Threat of Radical Islam

Is Radical Islam and Shariah Law a threat to our U.S Constitution and way of life?

There is a saying that we must consider. “The greatest advantage an enemy can have over you is to make you believe he does not exist.” Islam is a governmental theocracy. Islam affects the First Amendment with its rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

NOTE: Islam is not compatible with the US Constitution in a nation of laws.

Political correctness, ignorance, subversive activity…has allowed Islam to take a foothold in all levels of American society. In other words “Westerners” especially our American University students have been purposely dumbed down to the dangers presently facing our nation…even by many in governmental leadership in many states and our nation.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it:

Sharia law will not recognize nor is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood (Terrorist Organization according to Holy Land Foundation Trial) are occupying positions in the highest levels of government including homeland security. This is not some type of conspiracy theory. It is a reality. Even the current refugee crisis in our open borders is allowing non-vetted individuals into our nation who carry the ideology of radical Islam. You might say this is America’s Trojan horse…penetrating all levels of government thanks to the leniency of he Obama administration.

You must study history and see the motive behind the religion of Islam. Many are saying that Europe is already lost (by 2020) because of what we can call population Jihad. The results of the election of 2016 has given our nation a short reprieve. America must make some tough choices. True Americans must study and investigate what Islam stands for and represents looking at the past history.

Historical Look at Islam



University students in America as well as the majority of the American population have been duped in correctly understanding Islam and what it really is. American universities are occupied territory!

WE ARE NOT SAYING ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD PEOPLE! Many in Islam are ignorant of their own religion just as many Christians are ignorant of Christianity. We call them blind followers. Many follow Islam out of fear!

What about good Muslims who do not follow the radical Jihadist ideology?

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