Philosophical /Theological Difficulties and Tough Questions!

“Why are there so many denominations within Christianity that say they are right in their interpretation of the Bible?   Who can I believe?”

Yes, there are many. Our focus is always to be the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). The word “believe” means one who adheres to the teachings of another. We must follow Christ and develop a personal relationship with Him. Our God works with people on an individual basis. “Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come into him and will sup with him, and he with Me” (Revelation 3:20).  Church affiliation, membership, mom and dad, or head knowledge of the Bible cannot guarantee any type of relationship with God or save you.

We will all stand before God individually and give an account for ourselves. Jesus said, “The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand: Repent, and believe the Gospel” (Mark. 1:14-15).  God desires unity in His church.  Jesus said, a house that is divided (Matthew 12:25) cannot stand!

Within the denominational structure there are those who are serving God.  There are many fine churches…and there are those who lead their people contrary to the word of God.  Each city consists of one church involved in varying denominations. The Bible says not to forsake the assembling of yourselves (Hebrews 10:25). We need each other as God has a universal church body that is designed to work together. “This people draws nigh unto me with their mouth, and honors me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” (Matthew 15:8-9). His word must be obeyed. God is moving across denominational barriers now in these last days. Each church has its own flavor.  Connect into a local church that will enable you to grow and be encouraged.  Pray that God would lead you to people who love the Lord and always follow Jesus Christ and His Word.

Doesn’t my water baptism as a child make me a member of God’s family?”

A tradition started by man does not save you or assure your salvation. Only God’s word can lead you.  Baby baptism is not a part of the salvation process.  A baby has no capacity to repent and believe as God had commanded (Acts 17:30, Mark 1:14-15). We can only please God by our faith and diligently seeking Him (Hebrews 11:6). “So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17).  Can any baby make a profession of Christ as Lord and Savior?  Common sense tells you that babies need to learn what is right and wrong. This bears witness with the inner revelation that God has given each man (Romans 2:14-15). Didn’t Jesus have to learn?  “Butter and honey shall He eat, that He may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good” (Isaiah 7:15-16).  Water baptism is very important and necessary after repentance (Acts 2:38) and a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Each person must reach the age of accountability (knowing the difference between right and wrong) and choose to turn from sin and lead a new life in Christ. We must follow God’s word and not man’s tradition. “Full well, you reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition” (Mark 7:9).

“If God foreknew that man would sin why did He create Him?”

This is a misunderstanding of God’s Word that has been passed down. You must search the scriptures as this has been discussed throughout all of church history.  Many believe God created man with a free will (Genesis 2:6-7, 3:1-6, Deuteronomy 28, Joshua 24:14-15, Romans 10:13) and knew the possibility that man could sin and be condemned to Hell. God made provision in event that man would choose rebellion.  He predestined a plan of salvation out of His love for us so God is just and fair. When man was created, God said it was good (Genesis 1:27, 31).  Man’s rebellion then became so great that he was sorry that he made man (Genesis 6:5-6). A thinking man would ask, “Why would God be sorry if he already knew beforehand all the wickedness man would participate in?”  But, the Bible shows that God was surprised at many of man’s choices of wickedness (Jeremiah 19:4-5, 32:33-35).  God tests all men to see if they are truly loving towards Him (Genesis 22:1-13, Exodus 20:20, Deuteronomy 8:2).  God is looking at the motive and intent of our heart. The free will of man is what determines if there is a true love or not. God certainly has predestined the how [the plan] but not who [individuals] (Romans 10:13, 2 Peter 3:9). There are other views on this…so let us be fair. Could a loving God allow the creation of any individual that He knew would be predestined to Hell.  I believe not because God does not want any to perish!!!  God is love!  This doctrinal area has been debated over the centuries.  This is one perspective.  You must make your own choice.  Making Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your life is still the heart of the matter.  By the very reason your reading this shows God is calling you by His love to establish an intimate relationship with Him.

“I already belong to a church. Doesn’t that make a difference?”

The Bible does say not to forsake the assembling of yourselves (Hebrews 10:24-25). A local church that follows God’s Word will make a difference. God fearing and Bible believing people can be a great encouragement and help for Christians to grow and face life’s trials. But church membership does not assure one of salvation. Just because you stand in a garage doesn’t make you a car does it? Each of us has a personal responsibility to follow God’s Word and not just be told we are alright because of church membership. You must investigate the Word of God yourself and experience being “Born Again” – John 3:3.  We are told to love God and our fellow man. The process isn’t hard to understand and must be done in sincerity. Where will you spend eternity?

“Why will America suffer God’s justice and judgments?”

Anytime a nation has shed innocent blood (60 million abortions +) has to be judged. The flagrant breaking of God’s laws along with us eliminating them from society is another reason. Homosexuality, gay marriage, disregard of the 10 Commandments, drunkenness, drugs, moral depravity, adultery, pre-marital sex and promiscuity, licentiousness, lying, gambling, etc., are reasons we as a nation must repent (2 Chronicles 7:14). We certainly will receive God’s lesser judgments, but we must pray that we will escape the greater ones. The choice is yours!!!  We serve a merciful God who wants to see our nation honor Him as the righteous ruler of the universe. The good news is that God prefers mercy over judgment. God is long-suffering, kind, compassionate, and gives us a space to repent.

“Why Does the Bible Suppress women and consider them less equal?”

This is a misconception of God’s Word! Unfortunately, some have taken God’s word in part and used it to create this confusion. God does require an order in the traditional family. When society alters or changes it…consequences will take place! The Bible has no prejudice towards women. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond or free, there is neither male or female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).” But God has given various attributes to men and woman and they do differ.

The Bible says to submit to one another (Ephesians 5:21) but requires wives to submit unto their husbands as men have the responsibility to lead the home. “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands , as unto the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church: and He is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything (Ephesians 5:21-24).”

Many men have failed to see their responsibility in the carrying out of this relationship. This has caused many problems through the lies of “Feminism”. “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it (Ephesians 5:25).” This is a balanced relationship and if one chooses to live outside of it much distress results. The present worldview of feminism is helping to destroy society and God’s plan for role of woman. Women are a weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:8) in some ways and men are to love and honor them. The Godly woman is precious indeed and one to behold (Proverbs 31:10-31). Obey God’s Word and you will be much happier!

“Some deny the virgin birth of Jesus Christ! They say that the Hebrew word for virgin (Almah) – (Isa. 7:14) means young woman.”

This is nothing but a device to avoid the miracle of Christ’s virgin birth. The word is used 6 or more times in the Old Testament and in all instances the context favors (or at least does not preclude) it’s rendering as “virgin”. Conception by a “young unmarried woman” would hardly be a sign of anything except sin, for such events occur frequently. A virgin conception would require a mighty act of creation by God Himself. The quotation of this verse in the New Testament (Matthew 1:23) should remove any lingering doubt, for the Greek word parthenos used there can only mean “virgin” (Jeremiah 31:22). It is also interesting to note that archaeological evidence is lending added support.

Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon, one of the most competent Jewish scholars of this generation, has unearthed clay tablets at Ugarit in Syria which plainly use the word “almah”, in the parallel Semitic language, as meaning “virgin.” Dr. Gordon wrote (and remember, he is Jewish,): “Therefore, the New Testament rendering of ‘almah’ as ‘virgin’ of (Isaiah 7:14), rest on the older Jewish interpretation, i.e. the LXX which in turn is now borne out, for precisely the annunciation formula by a text that is not only pre-Isaianic, but is pre-Mosiac in the form we now have it on clay tablet.”

“Where did all the nations or races come from?”

First of all, the term ‘race’ is biological and not Biblical. The Bible speaks of nations. In the philosophy of evolution it may represent a new stage of a new species. The idea of racism develops from this and says that one race is inferior to another. This is not so! The truth is that all men who lived in the world descended from Adam and came from one blood (Acts 17:26). All men in the present world are descendants of Noah after the great flood (Genesis 7:21, 9:1, 18-19). The scriptures speak of nations (Revelation 7:9). After the flood the whole world spoke one language (Genesis 11:1).

The people rebelled against God and He confounded their languages and made many languages in order to curb the evil (Genesis 11:7-8). People who spoke the same language came together in order to communicate and formed tribes which scattered across the face of the earth. They began to inbreed and racial traits became established as long as they continued to marry only among the selected tribe of people. As the people scattered, the gene pool became more selective and narrowed down as time passed. Soon, racial traits for each dispersed tribe of people from the scattering at Babel formed in such areas as skin color, stature, hair texture, etc. All of these variations were in the original gene pool. Today we can trace back every nation to Genesis 9 and 10.

Shem’s line – Jews, Arabs, Syrians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians.

Ham’s line – Sumerians, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Hittites, Canaanites, Modern African Nations, Chinese, Japanese, Mongols, American Indians, Asian and South Sea people.

Japeth’s Line – Indo Europeans, India, Greeks, Romans, Americans and Europe today.

“Where did all the languages originate?”

People all spoke one language until they rebelled and disobeyed GOD (Genesis 11:1-9). God then confounded man’s language by making many. He did this because they had built a tower to give honor to another god and not the true God. The society continued to degenerate so God interceded to stop this slide. He knew they would scatter after this miraculous act. Carefully look at our world today. There is a very strong movement to make the world one in a sense that it opposes the God of the Bible. We would term this globalism today.

“Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale? How could that be possible?”

Yes, even though some may say that a whale couldn’t swallow a man, as well as live in its belly for 3 days. First of all, Jesus believed it (Matthew 12:40). Secondly, the Creator of the universe “prepared a fish” to swallow Jonah (Jonah 1:17). We also must realize that some species of whales and sharks can swallow a man whole. The sperm whale, white shark, and whale shark have been found with whole animals just as large or larger than man in their stomachs. There have been recorded events in whaling history where men have been swallowed by these animals and rescued. As far as the 3 days and 3 nights, there remains the possibility that these were not 3 entire nights and days. It may have been an entire day and parts of 2 other days (38 hours).

A man named James Bartly in 1895 is known to have survived for one and a half days before being rescued. There is always air in the whale’s belly and as long as the victim is still alive in the belly, digestive juices will not flow. If this answer does not suffice, couldn’t God have performed a miracle? The last possibility was that Jonah suffered and died and the Lord raised him from the dead.

“Who was Cain’s wife?”

The wife of Cain was his sister. Adam lived 930 years, and the Bible said he had sons and daughters (Genesis 5:4). The Bible is not specific when he murdered Abel or took a wife and built a city. As for marrying his sister, there would be no other explanation for the race to get started because the Bible specifically explains that all men are descended from Adam and Eve. In later generations brother/sister marriages would come to be recognized as genetically dangerous and would be prohibited (incest).

After the flood it was not permissible because of the possibility of deformed, moronic, and sickly children being born because of genetic mutation. In the genetic systems of Adam and Eve there were no mutant genes as they had come directly from the creative hand of God. Thus, no genetic harm could come from Cain or other sons of Adam marrying their sisters. It would take many generations for this mutation to develop.

“How do you know the “Resurrection of Jesus Christ” happened and it is true?”

Need some proof of the Resurrection Check out this video (here is the link for alternate viewing)

One of the most attested events in the ancient world was the resurrection of Jesus Christ! This very fact makes Christianity exclusive from all other religions in the world. None claims an empty grave so this is why this issue is under attack by the skeptics. Christianity most certainly stands or falls on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:12-19). If Jesus did not come back from the dead than the Christian faith crumbles. The sign of the resurrection was meant to set Jesus apart from anyone else who ever lived, and would designate Him as the Son of God (Romans 1:4).

The accounts of His appearances are recorded for us by eyewitnesses to whom Jesus appeared alive over a 40 day periods after His public crucifixion. The Bible says, “He showed Himself alive after His passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God (Act 1:3).” The Apostle Paul mentions the fact that 500 people had witnessed the resurrected Christ at one time and most of them were still living when he wrote it in (1 Corinthians 15:6) in 56AD. The historical evidence is more than sufficient as there is a lack of evidence for any other possibility to occur.

Some skeptics claim that the Romans; the Jews, or the Disciples took the body. The Romans had no reason as they wanted to keep the peace in Palestine. Stealing the body of Jesus would not keep this objective. The Jews would have not done it as the last thing they wanted was a proclamation that Jesus did rise from the dead. They are the ones who asked for a guard (Matthew 27). The disciples had no reason to steal the body, as if they did, they later died for something they know to be untrue!

Christ had made 12 appearances (John 20:10-18, 19-23, 24-31, Chap. 21, Matthew 28:1-10, 1 Corinthians 15:5-8, Luke 24:13-35, 36-49, Acts 1:4-8). Jesus is the true risen Savior that was sent to take away the sins of the world.

“How can Christians say that God is “One”? Christians claim that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is God – that is three!!!”

It is often stated by some religions (such as Islam) that Christians believe in 3 Gods and not “One”. Some cults say this (Jehovah Witnesses) also. The problem comes from the misunderstanding of the definition and usage of the word “One” in the Old Testament (Hebrew) and the New Testament (Greek). Much misunderstanding comes from theological phraseology.

God is always revealed in the Bible as a “tri-unity” yet always referred to in scripture as “One“. Any stream of scriptures used to show that God is three can result in the heresy of Tri-theism, or worship of three separate Gods. Any stream of scriptures used to show that God is “One” can result in a numerical and singular or number one God. So what is the balance or solution?

The God of the Bible is revealed as ONE GOD. “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is ONE LORD” (Deuteronomy 6:4). The Hebrew word for “One” here is Echad and it speaks of compound or collective unity. It is a “One” which comprise more than one person (One Crowd, One people, One nation). Here are some other examples used in the Bible of this compound “One”.  “These two shall be One (Echad) flesh” (Genesis 2:24). “People gathered together as One (Echad).” (Ezra 3:1, see also 1 Chronicles. 12:38, Zechariah 14:9). This Hebrew word is used hundreds of times in the O.T. as a collective unity. Whenever it is used referring to God it is always the compound “One”. The other Hebrew word for “One” is Yachead and this speaks of absolute unity or a mathematical or numerical number one. It is used about 12 times in the O.T. but never to describe the unity of GOD!

In the N.T. we must refer to the Greek words for “One” and see if we have this same consistency. The two N.T. Greek words which carry the same thought as the two Hebrew words preciously studied are the words (1) Heis- which means unity or concord. “As the body is “One” (Hies) and hath many members , so also is Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:12). “The Lord our God is One (Heis) God” (Mark 12:29).

The same Greek word (Heis ) is used in these verses concerning the collective unity of this “One” God (1 Corinthians 8:4, Mark 12:32, Galatians 3;20, Ephesians 4:6, James 2:19, 1 Timothy 2:5). (2) monos – os the other Greek word which means alone, solitary, or a numerical number one. It is used in Matthew 4:10, 17:8. Hebrews 11:17, and is never referred to in being used in describing God as a solitary “One”. The unity in Deity is defined by the word “GODHEAD” in the Bible (Romans 1:20, Colossians 2:9, Acts 17:29). We as Christians believe in “One God” which is a compound unity as defined in the Holy Scriptures. We will never totally understand this as the scriptures speak of the “Mystery of God” (Colossians 2:2, 1 Timothy 3:16).

“Wasn’t the birth of Jesus really an illegitimate one?”

No, Mary and Joseph were married before the time of Jesus’ birth. He wasn’t illegitimate! (Please read Matthew 1:24-25). So Jesus was not born out of wedlock! Joseph also abstained from any sexual relations with her until after the birth of Jesus. Mary’s child was conceived of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:20). She was truly a virgin (Matthew 1:23). Let us not confuse the miraculous hand of God with how we view temporal or physical things.

“If God made all things did He create evil? What is the purpose of evil?”

God did create all things, but the question that arises is if evil is a thing. Is evil a substance like a virus? Evil is not a thing nor is it a substance. Evil instead is a “lack” in a thing!  It is a lack of good or love.  Yes, evil is real.  For example if a person lacks kindness in his heart and respect for human life that should be there, then he may commit murder.  Evil is, in reality a parasite that cannot exist except as a whole in something that should be solid.  Evil in the nature of man shows he needs a good God and Savior.

In some cases, evil is more explained as a case of bad relationships. If I pick up a good gun, put in a good bullet, point it at my good head, put my good finger on the good trigger and give it a good pull…a bad relationship results. The things involved are not evil in themselves, but the relationship in the good things is lacking something. In this case the lack comes about because the things are not being used as they out to be. Guns for example should not be used for indiscriminate killing but instead for protection, stop oppressive governments, recreation, and hunting.

Similarly, there is nothing wrong with strong winds moving in a circle. When this wind goes through a mobile home park a bad relationship takes place between things. So evil is a lack of something that should be there in the relationship between good things.

God did make everything perfect.  One of the perfect things He made was free creatures. So free will is the cause of evil. All men are given the freedom of choice to execute evil or good. Since God made us free moral agents, imperfection (evil) can arise from imperfection (not directly, but indirectly through freedom). God knowingly took a risk in creating free will beings! That doesn’t make Him responsible for evil. He created the fact of freedom; we perform the acts of freedom. He made evil possible; men made evil actual. Evil came as a result of our abuse of moral perfection as free creatures.

So what is the purpose of evil? We don’t have an answer in entirety, but since God is good and loving we must believe that is serves some purpose. Just because we don’t know the purpose of something doesn’t mean a good one exists. Some purposes that we do know are these. God sometimes uses evil to warn us of great evils. Realizing various evils can keep us from self destruction. Even though there might be a great price to pay, some evil brings about a greater good. Finally, permitting some evil actually helps defeat evil.

“If God is so loving how could He destroy all of those people in the Old

Testament including women and children – CHECK OUT VIDEOS? ”

*The Nephilum/Fallen Angels:

*UFO’S and Nephilum/Fallen Angels:


*Evil on the Earth:


First of all, the scriptures affirm that God is morally perfect. He is holy (Isaiah 6:3, Revelation 4:8), just and righteous (Psalm 89:14), and good (Psalm 100:6, 106:1).  In view of this, one is initially inclined to be puzzled at certain commands that Jehovah gave in the Old Testament. When the Israelites were commissioned to take the land of Canaan, the Lord instructed them to completely smite (destroy) the people thereof and to show no mercy unto them (Deuteronomy 7:1-5). Accordingly, when Israel invaded Jericho, for example, we are informed. “And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, both young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword” (Joshua 6:21).  When looking at this passage we must take some things into consideration. There were giants in the land (Genesis 6:4) that corrupted the gene pool which caused a wickedness to arise on the earth that God had to destroy – See Video Above.

First, God had been very patient with these grossly immoral pagan tribes for a long, long time. When Abraham first came into the land of Canaan, the Lord promised that this country would someday belong go his seed, but it could not yet be theirs for “the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet full,” declared God (Genesis 15:16). It is though the sins of those heathen people and a corrupted gene pool. There were “fallen angels” (Genesis 6:4) that had relations with women on earth that were producing a race of giants and creatures that were evil. Finally, a point was reached on the Lord’s moral barometer which he could no longer tolerate. They must be destroyed. It was thus not a violation of his goodness; rather, it was to preserve it!

The false gods these people worshipped had absolutely no concept of morality.  They represented and practiced vile sex acts and influenced others to do likewise. It is little wonder that the evidence indicates that the Canaanites followed their gods in such abominations! In the Canaanite religion, homosexuals and prostitutes were employed to raise money for the support of the temples. It is not an exaggeration to say that these pagans elevated sex to the status of a god (that sounds almost modern, does it not?!?!)

The Canaanite religion was a horribly brutal system as well. For instance, the goddess Anath is pictures as killing humans by the thousands and wading thigh high in blood. She cuts off head and hand and wears them as ornaments. And in all of this gruesomeness, the Baal-Epic says that her liver was swollen with laughter, and her joy was great. In this connection the morally depraved Canaanite also sacrificed their own babies to these heathen gods. Funerary jars have been found with the bodies of young children distorted by suffocation as they struggled for life after having been buried alive as a sacrifice to Canaanite gods. Such young children have been found in the foundation pillars of Canaanite houses, and sometimes religious ceremonies were associated with their sacrifice.

It must also be important to realize that the destruction of these wicked people was for the moral preservation of the nation of Israel. When they invaded Canaan, the Hebrew were not to allow enemies to lice “that they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have done unto their gods; so would you win against Jehovah your God” (Deuteronomy 30:18).

Since the salvation of mankind was at stake the extermination of the wicked inhabitants of Canaan was, therefore, an example of moral surgery in order to save pagan practices of their parents. These children were victims because of the evil of the parents. In view of eternal judgment these children were treated fairer by God than if allowed to live. We have a difficult time understanding this but God is not will for any to perish (2 Peter 3:9).

“How can Jesus be God if he is called the Son of God?”

The word “Son” is an expression of family relationship. The phrase “Son of God” is expressing His absolute deity as the only begotten of the Father (Matthew 16:16). Jesus was not the son as we look at it in an earthy sense. He was born of a virgin and was immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit. God performed a miracle to present Himself in the flesh to be an atoning sacrifice for all of mankind. Jesus is also called the “Son of David” (Matthew 9:27) which was an expression of His kingship! He was also called the “Son of Man” which spoke of His humanity (Matthew 16:13). “A virgin shall conceive and bear a Son and shall call His name Immanuel…” (Isaiah 7:14). Jesus was called the Mighty God (Isaiah 9:6). So Christ is a king, and GOD in the flesh.

“If God made all things, who created God?”

God always was, is, and will be. He has neither beginning nor end (Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 44:6-8, 48:12, Revelation 1:8, 17, 22:13). He is the “I AM” and eternal (Exodus 3:14). God has given you the creation to know He exists (complex design shows a designer) and His written Word will bear witness to you (Romans 10:17, Isaiah 1:18, Hosea 4:6, 2 Peter 3:18). Our finite minds will not fully comprehend the infinite! Finite beings such as us need a first cause or origin. Everything that has a beginning needs a cause. Only finite, contingent things need a cause. God is infinite and He is necessary and uncaused. God is the uncaused case of all the finite things.

There are only 3 kinds of possible beings: self caused, caused by another, and uncaused. Which are we? Self caused is impossible with respect to existence; we can’t bring ourselves into existence. Uncaused would mean we are necessary, eternal, infinite beings, which we are not; so we must be caused by another. If we are caused by another, what kind of being is He? Again self caused is impossible; if He were caused by another that leads to infinite regress; so He must be uncaused! Faith is the key to understanding!

“Can a good God execute or carry out evil and still be good?”

Yes, because the misunderstanding lies in what evil is and how it has come about. God wills His love to all men! All God does and gives is good, and He will never change. So how can this be reconciled with how God allows evil to happen to man? The word “evil” is what confuses most people. This word with reference to God’s judgments, such as “all the evil the Lord has brought on him” does not at all reflect on the morality of God’s actions, but rather that the punishment was of a negative or destructive nature.

A deserved spanking is “evil” in the sense of it being a negative action, but is actually good in a moral sense. It is obvious from scripture that the judgments of God upon evil men are righteous, holy and according to truth (Romans 3:5-6, Psalm 7:11-17, 9:8, 11:5-7, 145: 17). Thus basic judgments and chastisements are Love (Revelation 3:19, Hebrews 12:5-8, Proverbs 13:24, Jeremiah 9:24). God would rather be merciful (2 Peter 3:3-9, Psalm 107:15-19, 103). God wills all men good, but man brings evil upon himself. It is God’s duty and obligation alone to execute judgment for ungodliness. It is required of God because of His nature and character to rule righteously for His subjects. In love He must punish evildoers (Psalm 50:6, 83:18, 75:7, James 4:12). We serve a God of mercy and also a God of justice. I want His mercy!!!

” Why does God allow evil and suffering to take place in the world?”

God does allow evil and suffering to take place. They come primarily as a result of man’s disobedience to His Word and God is not to blame (Romans 1:21-32). Read Deuteronomy 28 (Book of Consequences) very carefully and you will see how God considers the keeping of right and wrong actions and choices. When God’s standards are broken, man or nation always receives the resulting judgments or consequences. “Be not deceived God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that sows to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life everlasting (Galatians 6:7-8).”

Man has been given a free will to obey or disobey and according to his choice will receive blessing or cursing. “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both of you and your seed shall live (Deuteronomy 30:19).”  So sin is the root cause of man’s problems. Do not blame God for the loss of a loved one or sickness and disease. When people continue to break God’s spiritual, physical and natural laws there will be consequences. The enemy of our soul wants us destroyed. Satan is at war with God’s creation and is wreaking havoc across the earth.

But God does care and has given His life for you so you can be saved, healed and restored in the name of the Lord (Romans 5:8-10). God has promised those who love Him to take care of them (Matthew 6:25-34). And desires no one to perish but all should come to God has repentance (2 Peter 3:9). God is our shelter (Psalm 91) and can take any evil and turn all the surrounding circumstances into good (Romans 8:28)

“Why did my father/mother die of cancer?   Why did my friend get killed or commit suicide?  The world is a mess and God does nothing!”

This is always one of the most difficult questions to address. The grief and shock is almost too much to bear at times. Many times people blame God. We must remember that God is love (1 John 4:8) and he desires that you have an ultimate relationship with Him. God is fair, just, compassionate, and not a respecter of persons. We must keep these attributes of this character in mind when dealing with these questions above.

Life can seem to be very cruel at times, but question is why? God created man to fellowship and dwell with Him forever. When man chose to disobey God a set of consequences came upon man. There is a law in effect called the law of sowing and reaping (Galatians 6:7-8). Sin brought on devastating consequences that only Jesus Christ can alleviate. Man was not created to die, but death came with sin. The creation now suffers with violence, hatred, selfishness, death, and sickness.

Man’s free will is that very freedom that can bring much pain in the world. Love and hate are a choice! If we would abide by the ways God had intended us to live by we would experience well being comfort and love. God has promised to turn all circumstances around a bad situation and make it good (Romans 8:28). This promised is for those who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has physical, natural, and spiritual laws. If we break them we will suffer consequences. A person who dies of cancer could have it brought on by a host of reasons. God’s will at times allow things to take place for a greater good as difficult as this is to understand. We many times fail to see the purpose. God is just, fair, and kind!

We must realize there is an enemy of the soul call Satan (1 Peter 5:8) who is out to destroy you at all cost. He hates God’s creation. Sickness is one of his main devices. The only hope we have is to fall under the umbrella and grace of God’s protection. One may say that an individual who died was a Christian. We are not to look at people’s lives and feel we know their hearts. A person can have a relationship with God and still walk out of that protective zone. Sometimes it is ignorance, or even lack of faith in some area.  It could be an area of bitterness and unforgiveness in that person.  We are not to judge!!!   It is proven that 85% of all diseases have a spiritual root cause!


Nor can we assume we understand all of God’s purposes. God is love and we must realize He is trying to save us for eternity if we would submit to His loving Purposes

The Promises are Available

When a person becomes a Christian, he or she has the promises of the cross available to them; they have received an inheritance that is activated by faith.  You can be a born- again Christian who is going to heaven, and not take the advantage of all the promises of God because of ignorance or lack of faith.  The whole world is presently under a curse because of original sin, and Christ has redeemed us from it.

Key Principles and Insights to Obtain Answers to Prayer for Healing

  1. Have faith in God (Mark 11:22; Hebrews 11:6).
  2. Doubt and unbelief (Mark 11: 22-26).
  3. Do not carry unforgiveness in your heart (Mark 11:22-26).
  4. Not walking in repentance and confessing sins (Hebrews 4:15; 2 Chronicles 7:14).
  5. Prayers need to be desperate and fervent. Never give up (James 5: 14-18).
  6. Walking in ignorance of God’s Word and His promises (Isaiah 5:13-14; Hosea 4:6).
  7. Divided hearts will not birth answers (James 1:2-8).
  8. No relationship with God (Mark 7:24-30).
  9. Personal and family sins (Isaiah 59:1-2; Exodus 20:5).
  10. Needing to see a miracle (Matthew 27:38-44).
  11. Looking for signs and wonders (Romans 10:17; John 4:46-48).
  12. Expecting God to heal on one’s own terms (2 Kings 5:8-14; Acts 10:34).
  13. Looking to man rather than God (Jeremiah 17:5, 7, 9-10; 2 Chronicles 16:7-12).
  14. Not being honest and transparent (Proverbs 16:18, 28:13; James 5:16; Psalm 51).
  15. Robbing God’s tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8-11).
  16. Some people are just not saved (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11).
  17. The sin of our parents (2 Samuel 12:13-14; 1 Kings 14: 1-13).
  18. Sometimes the sickness is unto death (2 Chronicles 21:4, 12-20; 1 John 5:16-17).
  19. Our allotted time in life is fulfilled (Psalm 90:10; Proverbs 10:27; 1 Kings 11:4-10).
  20. Looking to symptoms and not to the healer (Proverbs 18:14; Ephesians 1:19-23).
  21. Letting fear enter our heart (Hebrews 11:1; Romans 8:15, 14:23; John 14:1, 27).
  22. Failing to get away in prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:18-21; Mark 2:19).
  23. Improper care of the body (Philippians 2:25-30).
  24. Not discerning the Lord’s body (1 Corinthians 11:27-31; John 14:12-15, 16:24).
  25. Failing to seek the Lord (John 5:14; Matthew 12:43-45).
  26. Not resisting the enemy (Isaiah 38:1-5; 1 Peter 5:8-9; James 4:7-8).
  27. Just giving up (Psalm 88:9-10; Luke 18:1-8; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).
  28. Rejecting healing in the atonement (1 Peter 2:24; Psalm 103:3; Isaiah 53:5).
  29. Trying to bypass the penalty of the curse (Proverbs 26:2).
  30. Murmuring and complaining (Numbers 12:1-3, 10-15; 1 Corinthians 10:10-11).
  31. Despising and not obeying instruction (Proverbs 5:11-14; Isaiah 28:8-19).
  32. Past and continued involvement with occultism (Psalm 90:12).

NOTE: These reasons given above are quite revealing and require self examination.  We must seek to hear God speaking to us through the guidance of His Word.

We must realize that many have suffered serious situations and have lost loved ones and really feel they met all the criteria above, according to our definition and understanding.  The Word of God is true and it doesn’t change.  God is an equal opportunity provider.  So I have to conclude that the fault lies in man, and not God, when prayers are not answered.  This response may not satisfy some, but there is nothing else I can say.  This is a very difficult area to address, and I do not intend to hurt anyone who has lived through a very trying situation.

“I have so many troubles and difficulties! Isn’t God to Blame for these?”

This feeling of hopelessness is prevalent among many people especially our youth.  Don’t allow the enemy of your soul (Satan) rob you of what Christ has done for you. God has a plan for your life but you must be saved or “Born Again”. This feeling of futility and ensuing depression will be overcome by setting your mind on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is your Divine helper. “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusts in you” (Isaiah 26:3).

The Lord says to cast all your cares and problems on Him (1 Peter 5:7). He says don’t fear or be dismayed as He will strengthen you (Isaiah 41:10). God shelters His people and provides for all their needs (Psalm 40:17, Matthew 6:31-33). The world will pass away and never offer you any true security (1 John 2:17).  Riches never bring true happiness. “But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many hurtful and foolish lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition” (1 Timothy 6:9).  Riches choke out life (Mark 4:19, Matthew 19:23, James 5:3, 1 Timothy 6:10). God’s spiritual riches must be your objects of hope.

After you repent and believe on the Gospel your purpose for living will change. A peace will come that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7). “Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof fine gold. She is more precious than rubies” (Proverbs 3:13-15). God’s riches must be your source (Proverbs 10:22). Seek His kingdom first and you will find happiness (Proverbs 8:18, Matthew 6:20, 13:44, 19:21, Revelation 3:18). God is not to blame as He works all things for good for those who love and serve Him. Our hope rests in Jesus Christ!!!!!

“The Bible says to love your enemies, but it also teaches an eye for an eye. Isn’t this a contradiction?”

God is a God of love and He never teaches us to hate or pay somebody back for a wrong doing! Regarding these passages (Matthew 5:38-43) you must read them very closely. In fact, Jesus is not quoting the O.T. here, but the Pharisaical misinterpretation of the O.T. Notice that Jesus did not say, “It is written,” as He often did when quoting the OT. Rather He said “you have heard”, or “it has been said” by which he meant the Jewish “tradition” that had grown up around the O.T. The Jews took their traditions and made the Commandment of God of no effect (Matthew 15:3, 6). The truth is that a God of love commanded us to love in the OT and NT. He never said to hate or get revenge of any type.

“If God is all powerful can He make a mountain that He couldn’t lift?”

This question in reality is an absurdity. It asks, “Is there something that is more than infinite?” It is logically impossible for anything to be more than infinite, because infinite has no end. The same applies to questions like… “Can God make a square to be a circle at the same time?”  It is just like asking, “What is the smell of blue?” It is a categorical mistake – colors don’t smell and circles can’t be square. These are logical impossibilities. They contradict themselves when we try to think about them. God’s omnipotence does not mean that He can do what is impossible, only that He has the power to do anything that is actually possible, even if it is impossible for us. Any mountain that God makes, He can control, put where He wants, and disintegrate if He likes. You can’t ask for more power than that.

“Why did God make the Devil? Maybe he doesn’t even exist!”

God created angels not devils. They were made with a free will. Lucifer, better known as Satan, was in right standing with God at one time. But he rebelled against God and wanted to become as God. “How are thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How are thou cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations! For you have said in your heart, I will ascend unto heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation , in the sides of the North: I will ascend among the heights of the clouds: I will be like the most high.” (Isaiah 14: 12-20).  After his rebellion he became he became known as Satan or the devil. One third of all the angels followed him and rebelled against God (Revelation 12:3-4).

But God had reserved a place of judgment for them and spared them not (2 Peter 2:4). God will not allow sin in heaven. So Satan has been cast down to earth and is trying to destroy man (Revelation 12:2 1 Peter 5:8). Today he is blinding the eyes of unbelievers (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). And has power over them (Acts 26:18). He is working lying signs and wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9) and claims authority over the world (Luke 4:6). He battles with the saints (Ephesians 6:12) and tempts us to disobey (Genesis 3:4-5). But God has given His people who are Born Again comfort and strength. Satan’s power has been destroyed (1 John 3:8, 4:4 Hebrews 2:14, 2 Peter 2:9). And he will be judged (Revelation 20:10-15) along with those who follow him. He is a very powerful entity that exists and your only hope is Jesus to set you free (John 8:31-32).

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